So, you’re interested in becoming an 飞机调度程序… check out your future career!

Listen to our Dispatch Program Coordinator and Chief Dispatch Instructor, Elias “Double-A” Andrews, discuss his military and civilian dispatcher background on the most recent 欧博平台allbet官方世界 播客!

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to get an airplane off the ground? In fact, it takes a lot more than the Captain and 机组人员 of the airplane. Someone has to do the planning necessary to ensure a safe and comfortable flight for the passengers, and that person is the 飞机调度程序. An airplane can’t even take off until a flight release is signed by both the Captain and the Dispatcher.

欧博体育allbet, located conveniently in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area, has the only FAA 飞机调度 program in the state of Minnesota.

  • 的 FAA Certification is valid in every state.
  • 学生参加 the same exam that commercial pilots take.
  • 类是 只有10周.
  • 的 program is eligible for the application of 弗吉尼亚州的好处 for those who qualify. Our instructors are certified dispatchers with industry experience, and our class sizes are limited to allow healthy faculty to student ratios.
  • 的 job market in this field is very good right now, as is evidenced by the success of our students in finding jobs.

的 Benefits of 飞机调度ing And Classes

Become an 飞机调度程序

Become an aircraft dispatcher and be part of the aviation community! Our dispatching classes provide you with the skills and knowledge to be eligible for a position as a certified aircraft dispatcher. Our classes give you the expertise to ensure a safe and efficient flight. We’ll provide the right tools and resources to become a certified aircraft dispatcher.

What is 飞机调度ing?

Aircraft dispatching is responsible for managing an aircraft’s safe and efficient flight. 的 dispatcher is responsible for ensuring the aircraft has a safe route, is aware of any potential hazards, and considers its and its 机组人员’s performance capabilities. An aircraft dispatcher is an essential part of any flight operation and is responsible for the safety of passengers, 机组人员, and the aircraft itself.

的 Benefits of Dispatching Training

的 benefits of aircraft dispatching training are numerous. Training offers the opportunity to understand aviation safety, 规定, and procedures thoroughly. 除了, dispatching classes can provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain an efficient flight schedule and manage aircraft operations. 在我们的课堂上, you can better understand the air traffic control system and dispatcher’s responsibilities.

Become Part of the 欧博平台allbet官方 Community

Being a certified aircraft dispatcher can open up several opportunities in the aviation industry. 作为调度员, you can become part of an essential network of professionals dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for passengers and 机组人员. 在我们的课堂上, you can gain the skills and knowledge needed to become an essential part of the aviation community. We’ll provide the tools and resources to set you on a successful path to becoming a certified aircraft dispatcher.

For a better look at what being an 飞机调度程序 is all about, check out the video below!

10 Week | FAA Approved

飞机调度程序 Resident Course Program Outline

  • Federal 欧博平台allbet官方 Regulations
  • 气象学
  • 导航
  • Aircraft Systems and Performance
  • Air Traffic Control
  • 实用的调度
  • 通信
  • 紧急 & 程序异常
  • Advanced Federal 欧博平台allbet官方 Regulations
  • Advanced 气象学
  • Advanced 导航 and Air Traffic Control
  • Advanced Aircraft Systems and Performance
  • Advanced 实用的调度ing
  • 先进的紧急 & 程序异常

飞机调度程序 Credit for Previous Experience Course Program Outline

  • 之前的培训
  • 对应
  • Advanced Federal 欧博平台allbet官方 Regulations
  • Advanced 气象学
  • Advanced 导航 and Air Traffic Control
  • Advanced Aircraft Systems and Performance
  • Advanced 实用的调度
  • 先进的紧急 and 程序异常